Cocktail bars in Manchester

We love a cocktail night, especially when it’s 2-4-1 and cheap cocktails are involved! That’s why we thought we would share some of our favourite cocktail bars in Manchester for you and your friends as inspiration. Enjoy a night out of dancing or even brunching in the best brunch places with your favourite cocktails.



Manahatta is located in Deansgate locks, a lively part of Manchester city and known as one of the greatest cocktail bars in Manchester. This cocktail bar certainly knows style, nailing the interior of the venue with neon signs, glamorous lighting and fine details to impress customers.

This cocktail bar is NewYork themed, with a NewYork food filled menu that will have your taste buds singing along with you. Manahatta plays ubeat music all night long projecting an electrifying party vibe. If you’re looking for amazing food, amazing cocktails and amazing vibes Manahatta is just the place for you!

Revs De Cuba


Revs De Cuba specialises in rum cocktails so if you like rum this cocktail bar is a great place for it. From pornstar martinis to strawberry daiquiris, indulge in your favourite cocktails with a rum twist. Revs De Cuba has a variety of cocktails, along with amazing Cuban dishes. This is the perfect place to listen to some live music and enjoy a sophisticated night out. The atmosphere is buzzing and offers big spaces where you can have a dance with your friends and share some amazing memories.

Dirty Martini


If you like signature cocktails along with late night Djs Dirty Martini is perfect for you. This venue is just along from Manahatta giving you the perfect opportunity to discover Dirty Martini along with other cocktail venues in that area. Party the night away drinking their famous recipes and share their cocktail trees with your family and friends. They also offer the best happy hour in town along with the most stunning interior and vibrant bespoke furniture. This compliments the immense cocktails they have on offer.

Locks 91


This venue is a 19th century Lock keepers cottage that has been renovated into a beautiful bar, providing the very best quality cocktails and service. Locks 91 has become a bucking trend, influencing more and more customers to visit each year. If you’re looking for a chilled cocktail night with a pub vibe, Locks 91 can provide you. This bar is known for it’s delicious cocktails and comforting atmosphere, making you feel right at home.

Liars Club


The Liars Club is like no other, offering a night of cocktail crazy madness. This cocktail bar is tropical tiki themed, with popular cocktails in pineapples, coconut shells and tiki volcanoes. Sounds wild right? Liars Club gives you the holiday that you’ve been wishing for, making you feel like you’ve taken an airplane straight out of Manchester and flown straight to the bahamas. The music is suited to the venue playing reggae, afro beats, hip hop and everything in between. If you want a night of tiki craziness, this is the place to be.

Cloud 23


Located in Deansgate, enjoy a night of cocktails whilst looking out to the beautiful city and sky of manchester. There are plenty of cocktails to choose from and other tasty drinks giving something for everyone. Cloud 23 has multiple areas to enjoy, named after Greek gods, which replicate the name of ‘Cloud’ 23. Each space projects its very own atmosphere and vibe, allowing you to enjoy tasty drinks whilst exploring the stunning venue of Cloud 23. This bar is a hideaway bar meaning this may be new to many of you but looks like an experience not to miss!

Convenience Store


Sick of food shopping? Locate the ‘Not Another Tesco F**king Express’ sign for a night of unique fun. You can find this hidden gem in the Northern Quarter, disguised as a convenience store / news agent. This is The Convenience store cocktail bar does not just serve cocktails though, when you step inside you will find a world of sweets and chocolate bars retro style, along with a slushy machine. Sounds fun. The inside is carefully designed with neon lighting and exposed brickwork to create that retro vibe.

Dusk Till pawn


Dusk Till Pawn is located in the Northern Quarter but could be missed as outside it is seen as a regular pawn shop. This is what makes this bar so quirky and unique by taking the pawn shop vibes and portraying them into a cocktail bar. This cocktail bar carries a stylish vibe with breath-taking cocktails, open 6 days a week. This gives you plenty of opportunities to check out this cool hidden bar. 

20 Stories


This cocktail bar is one of the main cocktail bars in Manchester with immerse views, located on the 19th floor so if you don’t like heights, maybe this isn’t for you. Get a beautiful view all around the Manchester skyline, the perfect opportunity to capture some amazing photos. 20 Stories includes a stylish restaurant, a vibey bar and a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy even more exciting views. The cocktails served here are one of a kind, with local ingredients for a taste like no other. You can come here for sit down cocktails and even carry on to party the night away. 

Science and Industry


The Science and Industry bar has some mouth watering cocktails as well as mouth watering food. This cocktail bar brings a unique style of dining and drinking so you can experience more than just a usual cocktail bar vibe. The floors offer a bar which is influenced by the 80s skate scene, perfect for a night of unusual party scenes. One amazing thing about this bar is they have an experimentation laboratory where you can try out different drinks and flavours, helping you help them with new and unique cocktails. The atmosphere is all round vibey with a wide range of cocktails, guaranteeing you an all round great night!



Tattu is unique to all other cocktail bars in Manchester. It is also a Chinese cuisine. If you are a Chinese foodie, bring your friends and family to show them what it’s all about. The drinks and food are made in a way that has the WOW factor, designed to make you have the perfect dining experience.  The interior of Tattu is award winning, with perfect attention to detail, telling a story throughout the venue with added sensory elements. You can take in the luxurious surroundings whilst enjoying the extravagant cocktails they offer, surrounded by an elegant and vibrant atmosphere.


Explore Manchester’s favourite cocktail bars after a hard day at work or a day of Manchester activities. Sit, back, relax and enjoy Manchester. Share photos with us on our socials so we can indulge on all the yummy cocktails you are enjoying. Please contact us if we have missed one of your favourite cocktail venues or alternatively message us on Facebook.

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