Dessert places in Manchester: Top favourites

Trying to find the most delicious dessert places in Manchester to indulge in some tasty treats? We have put together a list of our top favourites to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

Black Milk


Black Milk Manchester was inspired by the famous film ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ and The Milky Bar Kid. This café is definitely up there with the best dessert places in Manchester, offering mouth-watering desserts and chocolate childhood fantasies. Choose from a range of desserts, from waffles, milkshakes, pancakes and more with a range of toppings like Biscoff or brownie! 



Slattery’s is a finest patissier & chocolatier and has been since 1967. They are an award winning dessert restaurant, selling handmade luxury chocolate cakes, cream cakes, cake and ice creams. They offer a chance like no other dessert place in Manchester and that is to upgrade your chocolate skills in the ‘school of excellence’ to become an expert in chocolate crafts. Slattery’s do not only produce desserts but fresh bread too! Head down to enjoy a delicious ray of sweet and savoury treats.



Archies is well known for their creative ‘world-famous’ shakes and their flavoursome waffles and burgers. This restaurant provides an extravagant menu of food and desserts in a vibey venue to enjoy with your friends and family. The quality of Archies food is well-known to the Manchester population, which is why Archies is placed as one of the best dessert places in Manchester. Check out ‘best bars in Manchester‘ if you’re after a more alcoholic shake!

My Cookie Dough


My Cookie Dough sells divine and gooey cookie dough in a wide range of tasty flavours. From Nutella, Kinder, Biscoff and more, there is a flavour to satisfy everyone. My Cookie Dough are experts in what they do and have a goal to make their customers smile with their unique and delicious cookie dough.

Icestone Gelato


If you love desserts, Icestone Gelato will have you drooling. This restaurant strives to give their customers the best dessert experience from the moment you step through the doors. Creps, waffles and cookie dough, they’ve got you. Icestone Gelato are said to use their own special recipe that is unknown to other cookie dough bakers. They are high on quality and take great care of their customers.

Waffle Works


Waffle Works is known to be the greatest online waffle dessert delivery service in Manchester. From waffle sticks to waffle balls, Waffle Works offers a great selection of desserts and flavours. Not a fan of waffles? Order their delicious milkshakes, doughnuts, cakes or ice cream and enjoy a sweet treat like no other. If you prefer savoury, read our ‘best brunch places in Manchester‘ blog to discover tasty brunch treats!

Oh My Cheesecake


Oh My Cheesecake offers a unique take on deserts, bringing you cheesecake on a stick. You can custom design your own cheesecake stick and choose from a variety of yummy toppings and flavours such as Jammy dodger and Jaffa cake. What’s not to love? They are said to ‘be ‘stealing the hearts of sugar lovers’ so dessert places in Manchester, you better watch out.

Choo Choo


Choo Choo delivers some of the very best eclairs and well who doesn’t love an éclair? This bakery bakes up unique and tasty eclairs including peanut butter & jelly and lemon meringue. Each éclair is delicately made from the very best éclair choux dough, delivered with mouth watering fillings.


We hope we have satisfied your sweet tooth and gave you some great choices of dessert places in Manchester to check out for yourselves. If you do decide to visit, please tag us in your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so we can enjoy with you!

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