Best bars in Manchester: Chilled bar vibes

There’s a never ending list of best bars in Manchester, which is why we’ve picked out some of our favourite bars in the city to help you along! We focused on chilled bar vibes, giving you a night of delicious drinks whilst exploring the unique and stylish bars that Manchester has to offer.

The Foundry project


First up is The Foundry Project. This bar has good vibes flowing from inside to out. The decor represents an industrial backdrop with wooden tables and simplistic but effective designs. This venue is a lounge bar, party bar and cocktail bar, giving you one of the best bars in Manchester. The Foundry Project provides crafted food including burgers, fried chicken and pizzas with cheap drinks to wash your food down. Enjoy a night of Djs and specialty cocktails either located downstairs in the bar basement or in the restaurant where you will be next to the main bar. Perfect for a relaxed night out with a bit of excitement.

The Lawn Club

The Lawn club is a unique bar located in Spinningfields, standing out from the rest with a vast range of seating areas. You can choose from glass pods putting you and your guests in your own little Lawn Club bubble, perfect for being reunited with family and friends. Or, choose from the bespoke lawn chairs, wooden roof areas and classic inside dining tables. Grab a cocktail and a casual bite to eat, served to you in your very own grab and go style box. This not only gives The Lawn Club more time with their customers to ensure they are happy but protects customers health and welfare. We love that!

The Ivy


The Ivy is up there as one of the best bars in Manchester. You can find The Ivy in the heart of Manchester city centre, in Spinningfields. Presenting a modern bar experience, whilst offering the chance to wine and dine. The Ivy is full of life and has décor nailed down to a T. The rooms carry an exciting flow of vibrant colours and wonderful neon floors which you can find in the Asian bar. Following the modern aesthetic, the bar and restaurant carries a unique modern flavour throughout the building. This ranges from the brasserie ground floor, private dining room, an opulent Asian bar and a restaurant. They also have a beautiful garden roof terrace with fire pits to keep you warm.

Behind closed doors


You’ll find that when trying to find the best bars in Manchester, Behind Closed Doors is mostly unheard of. This is because the bar is discreetly hidden in the heart of Manchester city centre. The motto is ‘what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors’. The décor represents the era of speakeasies which creates a fun and mysterious atmosphere whilst exploring the 1920’s and the vintage / 70’s. There’s a strong story to be told with the exciting detailing around the bar. What makes Behind Closed Doors one of the best bars in Manchester is the phones they provide on the table that allow you to ring the bar to order as well as other tables. Fancy right?

One Eight Six


Experience what has never been experienced before at Manchester’s stunning One Eight Six venue located in Deansgate. Looking for a haircut? Look no further, you can grab a haircut then head behind the mirror into the night time drinking den. A hidden gem, disguised as a barber shop. One Eight Six offers live entertainment in a New York styled bar from the 1920’s. The place is decorated in fine detail, with dim lighting to set the atmosphere. Here you will find music acts playing Jazz, R&B and Soul, the perfect chance to escape from reality and try something new!

Albert’s Schloss


Albert Schloss reflects a unique and distinct bar, being the first bohemian bier palace and wunderbar. This bar celebrates the beloved princes’ values all night long with the chance to indulge in a night of the unknown and discover a range of unusual food and drinks. This bar is modified and inspired by travels that the owners made across Alpine Europe. They wanted to reflect this in their bar to give you the opportunity to experience it too. From live music and showtime entertainment all week. This is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.



Four floors, four rooms, four designs you are in for a night of fun. Opening from 12pm everyday giving you the opportunity to go day or night. Yes bar includes a roof terrace, beer garden, a large social dining area and warehouse style space with live music and immense Djs. As you sit back and relax, you can enjoy cheap drinks and food, taking in the beautifully decorated rooms and athletic colours. If you wish, turn your chilled night out into a night of dancing here as their nights out are also great.

Allotment bar


Some of the best bars in Manchester are the ones you least know about. Allotment bar is a unique bar, allowing you to escape the busy working city of Manchester and step in for a chilled relaxing end to your day. There’s two entries and two bars so enjoy a fun filled night in not one bar but with two! At Allotment bar, they offer the chance to sample gins of a list over 70 and well who doesn’t like the sound of that? Discover new flavours and who knows you might just find the perfect gin for you! The bar offers American styled dishes as well as family favourites leaving your mouth watering. 



Menagerie is perfect for chilled drinks with the girls or special occasions. This bar is chilled but also offers some fun and exciting entertainment that will uplift your mood in no time. This bar provides a variety of dining styles to suit any occasion so wanting chilled bar vibes? Chilled bar vibes you will get. The Menagerie carefully crafts the drinks and cocktails creating the perfect recipe to make your taste buds dance. The drinks compliment the insane décor of gorgeous chairs, tables, neon signs and little ornaments which top off the vibey experience. Menagerie Manchester will be a night to remember.

One bar


At One Bar enjoy a chilled out bar vibe whilst filling yourself up with mouth watering chicken skewers, incredibly tasty mains and desserts. The bar projects a friendly atmosphere with great vibes, the perfect opportunity to meet new people and get social. One Bar is known to be all for celebrating life whilst sharing gorgeous food and drinks. It is a great place to chill out and relax into the night. If you’re an espresso martini lover, One Bar loves their Saturday night espresso Martinis, delivered by the very best table service.


That’s all we can say on the best bars in Manchester for now, the rest is up to you. Head down and indulge in immaculate vibes, experiencing new places and taking in the cultured city bars of Manchester. Be sure to tag us on our InstagramFacebook or Twitter if you decide to visit one of our recommended places and remember, be sure to contact us and let us know if you recommend any other chilled bars in the city of Manchester. Until then, check out our cool bars in Manchester and cheap cocktails in Manchester blog for more great bars or even our pubs in Manchester blog to find the best place for a quality pint and some pub grub.

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