Best Brunch Places Manchester: Top 7 Breakfast Spots

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we can confirm that Manchester does it best. With a range of options to choose from it can be hard to decide where to go. We have whittled it down to our top 7 best brunch places Manchester has to offer covering the best bottomless brunch spots and the best breakfasts sure to cure even the worst of hangovers.

Best Brunch Places Manchester- Bottomless

To kick it off we’re starting with the best bottomless brunches of the city, and although there is a variety of bottomless brunch places across the city we’ve only included our top 3, check back here over the next few weeks to see the full list of bottomless brunch spots in Manchester.

Dirty Martini

The self proclaimed most ‘instagrammable’ brunch in town, get 90 minutes of bottomless Beefeater G&Ts, Martinis, Prosecco and Beer all for the great cost of £35 per head. Bargain hunters beware, you can go for £10 cheaper Monday-Wednesday for only £25. This made the list due to it being such good value for money, serving up some quality cocktails and it gets bonus points for having vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available. We have to agree, Dirty Martini is most definitely an ‘instagrammable’ brunch spot with its chic aesthetic and birdcage style serving platters.

Pen and Pencil

Next on our list of best brunch places Manchester has to offer is Pen and Pencil, purely because this is one of the only places in the city you’ll find that serves not just bottomless drinks but bottomless food too. Situated in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Pen and Pencil was inspired from the infamous 20th century New York bar ‘Steak Row’ popular amongst the original ‘Mad Men’. The brunch here costs £40 and the food menu gets a 10/10 from us, did we mention the food is bottomless too?! Included on the brunch menu is steak and eggs, avocado and feta finished with sriracha and American pancakes to top it all off. Check it out and tag us in your photos on Twitter @enjoymanchester or Instagram @enjoy.manchester.


Our third bottomless brunch recommendation is Cottonopolis, a must try if you are visiting the city. This restaurant and bar is Japanese inspired and situated within a grade 2 listed building also in the Northern Quarter. The cocktails here are unique and delicious and so is the food. Also suitable for plant based eaters, Cottonopolis offers something to suit everyone’s needs. 

Browns Manchester

Located on York Street- Browns is a gorgeous setting providing a combination of light brunch dishes and tantalising tipples to kickstart your day in the best possible way. Treat yourself to one and a half hours of unlimited prosecco, bellinis and bloody marys for £35 per person or unlimited Moet and Chandon Imperial from £55 per person. Tip: For those looking for an extra deal if you visit their website and sign up to their newsletter you can receive a complimentary pineapple daiquiri. 

Best Brunch Places Manchester- Hangover Cure

Ezra and Gil

Best Brunch Places Manchester

Located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Ezra and Gil is ideal for when you’re craving a breakfast at the last minute and are in urgent need of a hangover cure. We love it because they are working on a first come first served basis meaning you don’t have to reserve a table 3 weeks in advance, because let’s be honest going out for breakfast is often an impulsive decision.

Serving Brunch all day with a variety of options to suit all dietary needs, you will definitely find a breakfast dish for you. We have to suggest that you try the Oreo French toast as well as the classic E&G breakfast, but whatever you decide to go for- tag us in your photos on Twitter or Facebook @enjoymanchester or Instagram @enjoy.manchester and let us know what you think. 

The Koffee Pot

Best Brunch Places Manchester

This has to be our ultimate hangover cure, all breakfasts come with a free cup of tea and they have a large breakfast menu too. Whether you want a full English, an Irish fry, a veggie breakfast or pancakes, you are spoilt for choice at The Koffee Pot. The portion sizes are generous as you can see from the picture above, the question is can you finish it all? Let us know how you get on @enjoymanchester on Twitter.

Moose Coffee

Best Brunch Places Manchester

Last but not least, one of the best brunch place Manchester has to offer is Moose Coffee. I can vouch for the food here as I used to work here and could not resist eating one of Moose’s breakfast options or treating myself to a coffee almost every shift. I may be a tad biased but the service is always great here too, check it out and see for yourself.

Moose Coffee grew from a love for the American/ Canadian breakfast culture and you can really see that through the theme of the diners from the décor to the menu. You can also find veggie and gluten free options here making it suitable for all.


Whether you’re starting your day of right with a hearty breakfast, craving something carby to fight of your hangover or wanting to line your stomach before going all over again after visiting one of our suggested happy hour hotspots serving cheap cocktails Manchester or the best outdoor bars Manchester has to offer. Either way let us know what you think and tag us in any photos we can’t wait to see what you order.

Next week we will be starting our Vegan Vs Meat-eater edition where once a month we will head down to one of Manchester’s restaurants and will give a detailed review from the perspective of someone with a plant based diet and a meat lover. If you want your restaurant reviewed and featured or have a plant based menu we have to try, contact us and we might come and give it a visit.

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