Manchester Activities For Couples: The Complete Bucket List

Manchester activities for couples

Now that life is officially back to normal it’s time to get out there and make the most of it. There is so much to do in and around our wonderful city. We wanted to help you get the most out of it with the ultimate bucket list of Manchester activities for couples. This bucket list is action packed full of a real variety of things to do with your partner. We’re sure they’ll be at least one thing on the list you’ve not tried before. If you’ve come to bring some spice back into your dates you’ve come to the right place.

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Student Accommodation Manchester- Which one is the best for you?

student accommodation Manchester

Deciding what university to go to is a huge challenge. There are so many elements you have to take into consideration. Entry requirements Distance from home, cost of living, what you need. I’ve been through it myself, and I know first hand how daunting it can be. One element that can have a huge influence on your decision is the student accommodation. In some cases it really can make or break which University you decide to attend.

You can check out ‘Student Houses Manchester: The Survival Guide‘ to help you with what you may need along with other helpful tips for students.

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Best Brunch Places Manchester: Top 7 Breakfast Spots

Best Brunch Places Manchester

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we can confirm that Manchester does it best. With a range of options to choose from it can be hard to decide where to go. We have whittled it down to our top 7 best brunch places Manchester has to offer covering the best bottomless brunch spots and the best breakfasts sure to cure even the worst of hangovers.

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Manchester United Stadiums: The History Behind Old Trafford


The ‘Theatre of Dreams’, the history of Old Trafford. This article will cover the past of Manchester United Stadiums going back to where it all began in 1878. We are going to begin at the roots of the club, at North Road Stadium and will cover the journey of United’s time at different grounds, including Bank Street, Maine Road and Old Trafford.

Before we begin, we have a blog dedicated to ‘Sports bars in Manchester‘ that you football lovers may be interested in!

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Date Ideas Manchester Guaranteed To Impress

Date Ideas Manchester

Have you ran out of date ideas and in need of something to really impress your partner? Well, You’ve come to the right place. I have compiled a list of all the best date ideas Manchester has at the ready. Whether you want a date jam packed with activities or a romantic exploration of Manchester’s heritage. This guide covers everything the city has to offer to get those sparks flying.

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Sports bars Manchester- Find The Best Football Screens

sports bars manchester

As I’m sure we are all aware, England’s first Euros match is kicking off this weekend. Even when the Euros has finished, its always good to know the best places to watch the footie with your pals. We thought we’d review some of the most popular sports bars Manchester has to offer, to help you decide which pub to head to get your football fix. This list includes our 8 favourite sports bars, guaranteed to have a great pint and an even better atmosphere.

While I have your attention, you might want to check out our blog on ‘Manchester United Stadiums: The History Behind Old Trafford‘, which talks you through the history of Manchester football stadiums.

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Best Outdoor Bars Manchester The Ultimate Top 10

Best Outdoor Bars Manchester

As we start to adjust back to normality and the sun has finally decided to make an appearance, it seems only right that we share our ultimate beer garden guide. We have included our Top 10 Best Outdoor Bars Manchester has to offer.

Although Manchester has never been famed for sunny weather, the coronavirus restrictions forced many of Manchester’s bars and restaurants to invest in their outdoor spaces. With everyone rushing to get back out, it’s a good job too. We’ve created a guide that includes a variety of outdoor bar spaces ranging from casual drinks to dressier venues. Starting from one side of the city and moving across to the other, our guide is perfect to follow if you’re wanting a bar crawl. Here are Manchester’s best outdoor bars:

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