Greek Restaurants Manchester: Top 5

Here at Enjoy Manchester, we love nothing more than exploring the huge variety of cuisines Manchester has to offer, one of our favourites is Greek. Join us as we go on a journey to uncover the top 5 Greek restaurants Manchester has to offer. Greek restaurants in and around the city have never been easier to locate. In this guide we take a look at some of the best restaurants with delicious Greek inspired dishes, quality ingredients and friendly customer service. 

1. Rozafa


First up we have Rozafa, a beautiful Greek restaurant located in the heart of Manchester city centre. This Greek restaurant Manchester is hard to miss with its classic Greek white and blue exterior. The restaurant was founded by a professional Greek chef with over a decade of expertise delivering the finest Greek and Cypriot food. Rozafa prides themselves on serving up the finest of Greek food using high quality sourced ingredients. The atmosphere in Rozafa is unmatched with a friendly and warm vibe, ensuring a pleasurable and satisfying experience. If you’re looking for some spectacular Greek food, Rozafa is a great place to go.

2. Alexandros Greek Restaurant 


Alexandros is located just outside of Manchester city centre but definitely worth venturing that extra distance to try out their incredible food. Alexandros serves up authentic Greek food using high quality, fresh ingredients, using traditional ‘Grandma’s recipes’ and highly skilled chefs. When visiting this exquisite Greek restaurant you’ll find it feels just like you have stepped into a Greek family home, where you will be treated like you’re eating as a guest of the family. This adds to this truly unique and vibrant atmosphere, bringing everyone together in a relaxing environment just like home away from home. A must visit if you’re fancying a taste of Greece.

3. Kosmos


Kosmos is a family-owned and managed Greek restaurant in Fallowfield, Manchester, focused on the traditions of excellent food and hearty cuisines. Kosmos aims to provide family recipes that have been passed down through generations, while also providing a high-quality Greek dining experience. The Greek dishes are made using fresh and quality ingredients including fresh seafood and vegetables, cooked by professional chefs. Kosmos is a great place to enjoy all your favourite Greek dishes.

4. Papu’s Place 


Papu’s Place is a Greek cuisine experience based on the original Papu Place, which is located in the little village of Isoma on Greece’s west coast. The name was inspired by a Greek grandpa who supported not only his own family but also cared for other families in the 550 population village. Papu’s Place in Manchester was named after the grandfather because of his kindness and concern for others. The goal is for Papu’s to use ingredients from the original Papu’s Place, such as delicious olives that are squeezed into some of the greatest olive oil for marinating salads. The cuisine is really wonderful and one-of-a-kind.

5. Dimitris 

Last but certainly not least is Dimitris Manchester, located in Deansgate, Castlefield. Dimitris is a vibrant and much loved Greek restaurant, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere. Dimitri’s is a well-known Greek and Mediterranean independent family-run restaurant that has welcomed residents and guests for over 30 years. Dimitris has one of Manchester’s best Greek inspired alfresco bars, offering a great place to enjoy delicious food and relax.  Choose from their huge delicious mezze selection or opt for an impressive Greek kebab.

Greek Restaurants Manchester Overview

We hope you enjoyed discovering Greek restaurants in Manchester and we look forward to hearing your feedback! For more amazing restaurant recommendations in Manchester check out our other blog posts on ‘Tapas Manchester’ or ‘Fancy restaurants in Manchester’. Happy eating.

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