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If you are looking for a stylish sanctuary to escape the gloomy unpredictability of Manchester’s weather, we have found the perfect spot for you. Hidden beneath the hustle and bustle of the city is Australasia Manchester. This elegant restaurant has become one of Manchester’s most renowned eateries. Australasia truly captures the essence of modern Australia. We recently headed down there to see it for ourselves in all its glory, and spoiler alert, it did not disappoint.

The Iconic Entrance 

The first impression we had of Australasia was its spectacular entrance.  For those of you who haven’t visited it before, its iconic glass prism entrance is impossible to miss. Upon entering Australasia via the impressive glass prysm and heading down the stairs, we were greeted by a host who politely seated us in the restaurant. 

The Restaurant

The interior of the restaurant matches the opulence of the exterior. Bathed in neutral tones of the pacific coastline it feels like you’ve stepped straight off the plane and into an Australian beach front restaurant. Australasia is the definition of instagrammable.

Depending on where you’re sitting, you are able to see the chefs at work on your meal through the open kitchen design which makes the experience even better. What’s more, the lighting and music made the ambience just right for a romantic date night. The atmosphere was just right and every table in the restaurant was full. We would always recommend booking a table in advance if you want to ensure you get a seat here.

The Service at Australasia Manchester

Since the restaurant was so busy, we were pleasantly surprised by the attentiveness of the server. We were politely greeted at the table whilst the server explained the restaurant menu which is split up into two different dining approaches. The local and the traditional method. Next, she recommended a mouth-watering wine which we thoroughly enjoyed and ensured our glasses were topped up throughout the meal. 

The Food at Australasia Manchester

More often than not, restaurants can put all their time and energy into the restaurant aesthetic and neglect the quality of the food. Fortunately, this was not the case with Australasia. The food was as good as it sounded from the description on the menu. We agreed it was the best meal we’d ever had. 

There are two ways you can eat in Australasia. You can either eat the local way which involves selecting several smaller dishes. These dishes are designed for sharing and are delivered to your table as and when they are ready. The other method you can choose is the traditional approach where you select a starter and main. We opted for the traditional option as the main plates looked too delicious to miss out on.

The starters were just the right size but so tasty we wanted more. For main’s we tried a vegan option and a meat option which were equally as well presented and flavoursome. Every dish was just as appealing to look at as it was to eat, paired with white wine the whole meal went down a treat. There were also a range of desserts to choose from but since we were full we decided to share two scoops. We chose the vegan ice cream and washed it down with an espresso martini. The perfect way to end a faultless meal. If you don’t fancy one of their delicious desserts, there is a range of dessert places in Manchester you could visit later on.

Overview of Australasia Manchester

Overall, Australasia Manchester is definitely an experience that you have to try next time you want to Enjoy Manchester city centre. Everything from the food to the service and even the interior décor was top notch. If you want to try Australasia out for yourself, its best to reserve a table to avoid missing outlstra

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