Pizza Manchester: Top places to enjoy a pizza in Manchester

Enjoying a good, hearty Italian pizza in Manchester has never been easier. With our Pizza Manchester ultimate guide, you will be able to enjoy delicious and unique pizzas in and around Manchester city centre. We included a range of pizzerias with dedicated, inspired staff along with top quality pizzeria ingredients. Enjoy…

1. The Laundrette


First up we have The Laundrette, located a little outside of Manchester in Chorlton on Beech Road. We had to include The Laundrette because of their amazingly delicious creative pizzas and specialty cocktails alongside their hip, bijou café/bar, with fantastically decorated brickwork and a cosy heated terrace outdoor area. The Laundrette are known for their excellent service and outstanding pizzas which are professionally cooked in an Italian clay oven for pizza perfection. In addition, The Laundrette offers mouth-watering burgers, fresh salads as well as a vegan and vegetarian menu to cater for all. If you’re looking for a fresh, luscious pizza in a fabulous setting, The Laundrette is a great place to try.

2. Crazy Pedro’s


Crazy Pedro’s has two locations in the Northern Quarter and Spinningfields, double the excuse to try out their amazing pizza. Crazy Pedro’s is a pizza place as well as a creatively decorated bar offering incredible drinks and banging tunes. What’s more they have a must try deal of two slices of pizza and a drink for only £5. Their pizza is made from fresh dough each and everyday that has been tested and perfected using 20 different flours. Crazy Pedro’s are renowned for their unique toppings and flavours which has been sampled and tested months before creating the perfect Pedro’s menu. Crazy Pedro’s are said to guarantee a scrumptious and delicious pizza, offering a pizza experience like no other.

3. Bravissimi


Next on the list is Bravissimi, a modern Italian café-deli that serves exquisite pizzas as well as pasta, salads, coffee, and wine. Bravissimi is located near Manchester Piccadilly, the perfect stop off if you’re catching a train or looking for after work munch. The pizza at Bravissimi is freshly made, healthy and fast, the ideal way to enjoy pizza and feel good about it. Bravissimi focuses on providing the best possible service to their customers by offering a variety of traditional recipes made with classic Italian and authentic ingredients.. Not to mention the pizza cooks have a renowned passion for Italy, giving the pizzas that extra special touch. If you’re looking for a delicious, hearty Italian pizza, head to Bravissimi.

4. Rudy’s Pizza


Rudy’s pizza is an exquisite pizza place which was born in Ancoats and has now grown across six UK cities. Rudy’s is an authentic Neapolitan pizza restaurant with pizza that is extremely tasty, served in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Both restaurants are designed and decorated in such a stunning way which adds to the pizza eating experience. The pizzas at Rudy’s are produced by devoted pizza makers who adhere to the traditions and creativity of Neapolitan pizza. This explains why the pizzas are so delicious and worth trying.

5. Noi Quattro


Noi Quattro is located in Manchester Northern Quarter, a popular hotspot for pizza and in fact is actually the first pizzeria in Manchester run and owned by Italians. Now isn’t that special! Noi Quattro serves outstanding Italian food, including the highest quality pizzas which are made from pure Italian love. This restaurant aspires to deliver good customer service and communication, which contributes to a positive pizza eating experience. The pizza makers are full of inspiring stories including the people who produce the food, beers, wine and where the ingredients came from! Get down to Noi Quattro for a fantastic Italian pizza.

6. PLY Pizza


PLY Pizza is located in the Northern Quarter in Manchester city centre. A great place to enjoy a woodfired oven cooked Neapolitan pizza. PLY pizza offers a delicious selection of sourdough pizzas including veggie, vegan and carnivore options as well as their Nutella pizza, a popular dessert choice! You can enjoy a mouth-watering pizza alongside fresh craft beer, wine and scrumptious cocktails, topping off the pizza experience. 

7. Nell’s Pizza


Nell’s Pizza is located in the Northern Quarter, heart of Manchester city centre. Nell’s is a New York inspired pizzeria, offering freshly made pizza from incredible dough that is slow-fermented over 36 hours. This adds to the quality of the pizza dough for ultimate pizza satisfaction, allowing the pizza to be crisp, thin and flavoursome. In addition, Nell’s Pizza uses sustainable ingredients to top the pizza, adding to the amazing qualities of this incredible pizza restaurant.

8. Salvi’s


Finally we have Salvi’s, an Italian kitchen located in Manchester city centre. They serve up incredible pizzas, pasta and cheese plates in their casual-rustic eatery. They pride themselves in being a ‘real Italian family cuisine’ which adds to the quality of their dishes. Salvi’s is inspired by one of the family members’ kitchens back in Naples as they have transferred their passion over to the UK. They use the best quality ingredients to create fantastic tasting pizzas for their loyal as well as new customers everyday.

Pizza Manchester Overview

We hope you enjoyed Pizza Manchester: Top places to eat pizza in Manchester. There is an incredible array of pizza restaurants and eateries for all to enjoy in Manchester city. Have fun exploring the fantastic Italian family fun restaurants and the unique and quirky pizzas they have to offer.

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