Population of Manchester

Population of Manchester
Population of Manchester

The population of Manchester was estimated at 2.7 million across the whole of Greater Manchester making the area the third largest population mass in the UK.  Looking back over the years the population of Manchester has grown from humble beginnings to a major city in the UK and Europe.

Back in 1801 the population of Manchester was a mere 328,609 yet by 1851 that had exceeded the 1 million mark with the turn of the industrial revolution the population of Manchester swelled.  In 1891 the population was over 2 million inhabitants double that of 40 years previous.

The last official census back in 2001 found that the population of Manchester and the areas around that make up Greater Manchester was just under 2.5 million only a few hundred thousand more than that of 1891 back when Manchester was a booming industrial city.

Manchester has again boomed throughout the last 10 years with the city centre population of Manchester growing from around 3,000 in the mid-nineties up to almost 20,000 in 2012.  The city centre has undergone a massive change since the IRA bomb of 1996 and the creation of new city centre flats has made the population boom.

Due to the massive scale house building and boom that Manchester had throughout the 2000’s the population of Manchester also grew with an influx of workers from around Europe and the world.

The population of Manchester in 2012 is a mix of cultures from all round the world which makes it a unique and exciting place to live, visit or study.  The boom years have produced a host of exciting things to see and do which will enable Manchester to grow in to the future and become the UK;s second city once and for all.

Manchester was and remains to be a great city to call home and is a popular choice amongst students who swell the population of Manchester throughout term time, many of which stay and set up permanent home here.

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