Attractions in Manchester

Attractions in Manchester
Attractions in Manchester

There is a mix of modern and historic Attractions in Manchester making it an ideal city to visit with family, friends or a group. Manchester offers a clean and modern environment packed with exciting things to see and do, packed with many photo opportunities and breathe taking scenes. Manchester has undergone a complete facelift transforming it in to a city for the 21st century that is packed with attractions for all ages and interests.

For those visitors who enjoy the days of old Manchester is awash with beautiful buildings, picturesque churches and industrial artifacts left behind from the industrial revolution. Buildings such as John Ryland Library, Manchester Cathedral and Manchester Town Hall all offer breathtaking architecture and a taste of Manchester’s historic past.

One of the things that make Manchester great is the hundreds of arches that can be seen throughout the city left behind from when the city was the hub of industrialisation. One of the great attractions in Manchester is its industrial revolution roots and this can be seen right across the city from the Manchester Ship Canal through to old warehouses that litter the city many of which have been transformed in to modern apartment blocks and offices.

The many museums Manchester has to offer bring together the old and new of this great city making them some of the must see attractions in Manchester.  Many of them are free to enter and offer an array of things to see and do ranging from The Museum of Science and Industry to the Manchester Peoples History Museum.

You are never far away from a sporting attraction in Manchester as the city has a sporting legacy that stretches back decades.  The city is a hot bed of football and is home to top sporting teams such as Manchester United and Manchester City both of which have modern stadiums to visit and enjoy.  Manchester is also home to Lancashire County Cricket Club who is one of the top county cricket clubs in the country.

The sporting legacy left behind by the 2002 Commonwealth Games offers many places to enjoy in the city and has made Manchester one of the top sporting venues in the world making the city a mouth watering prospect for sports fans from around the world.

One of the greatest attractions in Manchester is its rich musical history stemming back decades and can still be enjoyed today in the modern Manchester Arena or in more traditional venues such as the Manchester Academy.  Manchester has attracted music fans from all over the world eager to find out about bands such as the Stone Roses, New Order, The Happy Mondays and The Smiths.

There are many attractions in Manchester that are waiting to be seen and explored what ever your interest and Enjoy Manchester brings you them all.

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