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Old Trafford ManchesterWhether you know it as Theatre of Dreams or simply the home of one of the world’s most famous football teams, Manchester United, Old Trafford Manchester is a must-see destination for all sports fans visiting Manchester.  Situated in Stretford in the borough of Trafford,  Old Trafford Manchester has been home to the ‘Reds’ since 1910.  Allot has changed over the years and the state-of-the-art stadium of 2011 bears little resemblance to the ground that the club would have played on at the beginning of the 20th century.

When first built, Old Trafford Manchester had a capacity of 80,000 supporters most of whom would have been standing.  By the time of the publication of the Taylor report in 1990 Old Trafford Manchester found its capacity reduced to an all-time low of 44,000 as the government demanded that football stadia be all-seaters.  However recent developments including the demolition and rebuilding of the North Stand and the adding of second tiers to the north-west and north-east quadrants of the ground, the capacity of Old Trafford Manchester has been rising once more towards 80,000.

The best-known stand at Old Trafford Manchester is undoubtedly the West Stand or the Stretford End, as it is known to the die-hard supporters who congregate there.  One of Manchester United’s legendary players, Denis Law, was nicknamed the King of the Stretford End and has been honoured with a statue in the stand’s upper tier.

Old Trafford Manchester has hosted many significant football matches over the years. Apart from hard-fought Premier League fixtures that have assured Manchester United the crown of the most successful domestic team in England,  the venue has hosted England internationals,  a Champion’s League final and FA Cup semi-finals.  It has also staged Rugby League World Cup fixtures,  world-championship boxing and rock concerts, featuring such global stars as Bo Jovi,  Bruce Springsteen,  Rod Stewart and Genesis.

As well as a football pitch, Old Trafford Manchester houses a Manchester United Museum, the Red Café (a MUFC theme restaurant/bar) and a Megastore bursting at the seams with replica kits,  scarves,  footballs and all-imaginable football memorabilia.

Getting to Old Trafford Manchester couldn’t be easier. Both Altrincham and Eccles lines of the Manchester Metrolink have stops 5 minutes walk from the ground.  Old Trafford Metrolink Station and Exchange Quay Metrolink Station offer the best and closest walks to Old Trafford.   Old Trafford Manchester also has its own railway station and match trains can be boarded at the city centre station on match days.

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