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Its September which means the city is flooded with eager first year students from student accommodation in Manchester ready to explore what our amazing city has to offer. Generally, students end up living in Fallowfield Manchester, if you go to the University of Manchester, you can expect to be living there from the first year, but for MMU students, you are more fortunate with a wide range of affordable student accommodation options in the centre of town. You don’t necessarily get to escape the wrath of Fallowfield all together though, with many students heading that way for second and third year.

Before you see fallowfield, it can be hard to imagine what it’s like. The area does get a bad name and is notorious for student parties going on until all hours of the night. Apart from that, and the ongoing fear of being burgled, Fallowfield manchester is actually a lot of fun. The best way to describe it is a literal hub of student life, it’s full of young people which makes it a really fun place to live. 

The High-street Of Fallowfield Manchester

You may be wondering what to expect on the main stretch of Fallowfield Manchester. The main pubs you will notice are 256, The Friendship Inn and of course Wetherspoons. There is also a big Sainsburys where you can expect to bump into everyone you know stocking up on booze and other supplies for the week. If you want to pop in somewhere for your essentials like beer, bread and milk, New Zealand wines is the place to go. If you’re looking for fast food on your way back from a night out, your best bet is Dominoes, Dixys or Allens fried chicken.

Other bars you can find down the side streets of Fallowfield Manchester include Haus and The Beer Studio. If you’re looking for a night out there is also ‘Ziggy Six’ but we recommend avoiding that place at all costs. Haus does a banging breakfast and sourdough pizza that you have to try, we love the aromatic vegan duck pizza if you’re looking for something different. 

Navigating Fallowfield Manchester

One of the best things about Fallowfield is it’s amazing links to the city. It is quite literally a straight road from the centre of Fallowfield into town. You can easily access town via the regular buses, the Oxford Road bus route is said to be the busiest in Europe which shows just how frequent the buses are. If you wanted to choose a more eco-friendly option, there is a cycling route from Fallowfield all the way into town meaning you don’t even need to leave your cycling lane. If you’re feeling particularly full of energy, you could even walk the distance from town to Fallowfield, I know plenty of people who walk to uni every day. Here are the commute times from Fallowfield Manchester to the city centre:

  • Bus- 26 minutes
  • Cycle- 15 minutes
  • Walk- 53 minutes

You can also get the train or tram, however getting to the train and tram is likely to take longer because depending on where you actually live, they can be awkward to get to. 

Student Houses Fallowfield Manchester

Now we’ve covered the area of Fallowfield itself, we thought it would be a good idea to prepare you for what to expect from your student housing. Our first tip is to not expect much for your money, your house is likely to be an old red brick building that hasn’t seen a fresh lick of paint in the last decade. If you do have a bigger budget and start looking soon enough, you may be able to find a hidden gem. The most stressful part about the student houses is that there is a weird pressure to decide who you are going to be living with almost immediately after meeting them. Then of course there’s a sudden surge of students searching for the best houses meaning if you leave it too late, who knows what you’ll end up with. Every year this gets worse and worse, if everyone chilled out a bit, it would make the whole process that little bit less stressful. 

Once you’ve identified a few houses you like, make sure that you view them and that you and your flatmates are all happy with the house. After all, if you choose a 5 bed house and one of the rooms is a shoebox, someone is going to be left upset. If you all view the house and agree you are happy with it, go ahead. There are certain landlords and agencies to avoid, but rather than slating them on here we’ll leave it to you to find them out . A good place to start is the Manchester student group where you are sure to find honest experiences from other students. 

Dealing With The Downstairs Bedroom

Our final tip when it comes to student houses is to pick bedrooms from a hat. This is to make sure it’s fair and no one ends up bagging the best room. One of the scariest things is realising you’ve been lumped with the downstairs bedroom, but try not to worry too much about that. If you and your flatmates take the necessary steps in ensuring your house is secure, the chances are you’ll be fine. Often, any burglaries in Fallowfield are done by chancers who see an open window or a Macbook lay in plain view for all to see. Here are our tips to prevent getting burgled:

  • Lock the door
  • Shut the curtains or blind when your out
  • Leave a lamp on
  • Shut all windows when you’re out or in another room
  • Lock the front and back doors
  • Lock your bedroom door when your out or sleeping
  • Don’t leave valuable items on show
  • Set the burglar alarm when you’re all out

Overview Of Our Student Guide To Fallowfield Manchester

We hope this article has given you a better insight into the wonderful life of Fallowfield Manchester. All of this advice comes from a MMU graduate who lived in Fallowfield for more than half of her student years. If you have any questions or stories about Fallowfield, please do not hesitate to let us know, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our nights out in Manchester guide for students nights out in the city.

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