Curry Mile Manchester

Curry Mile Manchester
Curry Mile Manchester

The Curry Mile Manchester is the nickname given to a stretch of Wilmslow Road that runs through the centre of Rusholme in Manchester.  It has earned the name Curry Mile due to the high proportion of Asian restaurants and takeaways that can be found in this area.  By day this area could be mistaken for any other suburban street but as night falls the street comes alive with a sea of neon lights.

The Curry Mile Manchester is home to over 70 eating establishments that offer an array of  Asian styles  including Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi.  It is thought that the Curry Mile has the highest concentration of Asian restaurants in the UK.  What ever your taste is in Asian cuisine you will find something you like in Rusholme.

The Curry Mile Manchester also known as Rusholme is popular with students due to its close proximity to both universities and many of the eating establishments offer student discounts.  The area is also ideal for group night out or even a romantic meal for two for Asian food loving couples that want to sample the many tastes this area of Manchester has to offer.

A walk along Curry Mile Manchester is a treat for anyone’s senses as your nose is hit by smell after smell of Asian spice and food.  Many of the restaurants are open late in to the early hours and they are an ideal place to go after a night out in one of the many bars Manchester is famous for.

In addition to the many Asian restaurants Curry Mile Manchester is also home to a number of bars, pubs and shisha cafes that are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

The Curry Mile Manchester is situated on one of the busiest bus routes in the UK and is only a short bus ride from Manchester City Centre and the popular student area of Fallowfield.  Buses travel along Curry Mile at all hours of the day and night making it one of the most easily accesible areas of the city.  The area is also accessible via taxi and is only a short taxi ride from areas such as Didsbury, Chorlton, Withington and Hulme.

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