Cool Places to Eat in Manchester

Manchester is a melting pot of diverse cultures and cuisines, making it a foodie’s paradise. From traditional British fare to international delights, the city offers an array of cool and trendy places to eat. Here are some must-visit eateries in Manchester that promise an unforgettable culinary experience:

Mackie Mayor

Located in a beautifully restored market hall, Mackie Mayor is a food lover’s dream. This bustling food market in the Northern Quarter showcases a variety of vendors serving everything from wood-fired pizzas to gourmet burgers, craft beers, and delectable desserts.

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza

If you’re a pizza enthusiast, Rudy’s is a must-visit. This casual and trendy pizzeria serves authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. The high-quality ingredients and cosy atmosphere make it a favourite among locals and visitors alike.


Experience the vibrant flavours of Indian street food at Bundobust. This quirky and contemporary restaurant offers a unique fusion of vegetarian dishes and craft beers. Don’t miss their famous bhel puri, vada pav, and mouthwatering dosas.


Transport yourself to the bustling Irani cafes of Mumbai at Dishoom. This award-winning restaurant in Manchester serves up delicious and authentic Indian dishes, including their famous breakfast Naan Rolls, biryanis, and grills.

The Refuge by Volta

Housed in a stunning 19th-century building, The Refuge is an exciting blend of dining and socialising. The menu features a mix of modern and traditional dishes, with a focus on seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

Pollen Bakery

For all the pastry lovers out there, Pollen Bakery is a must-visit spot. This artisanal bakery in Ancoats serves up a delectable selection of bread, pastries, and cakes, along with superb coffee.

El Gato Negro:

Experience the flavors of Spain at El Gato Negro, an award-winning tapas restaurant in the heart of Manchester. The stylish setting and innovative dishes create an immersive dining experience.

Almost Famous

Known for its indulgent and Instagram-worthy burgers, Almost Famous has gained a cult following in Manchester. The bold flavors, creative toppings, and eccentric ambiance make it a top choice for burger enthusiasts.


This pizzeria and craft beer bar in the Northern Quarter offers a relaxed atmosphere and a mouthwatering selection of sourdough pizzas, along with an impressive range of craft beers on tap.

From vibrant street food markets to stylish dining establishments, Manchester’s food scene is a dynamic tapestry of flavors waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a fan of international cuisine or looking to try innovative twists on classic dishes, these cool places to eat in Manchester will undoubtedly leave you satisfied and eager for more culinary adventures.

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