Manchester Film Festival 2023: Best Films

MANIFF is a ten-day film festival where all chosen film is exhibited in a theatre with full surround sound and sharp pictures. Giving everyone including all filmmakers the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate all the films being shown. 

As one of the Top 10 Best Rated Festivals on FilmFreeway and a BIFA qualifying festival, Manchester Film Festival is proud of its reputation. All the films that are in competition with one another have all come from open submissions, these submissions come from FilmFreeway, which will end the festival with its annual awards ceremony. All winners will be chosen by alumni who are selected by MANIFF and by people from MANIFF’s programming team. 

The Manchester Film Festival is known for being relaxed and completely filmmaker friendly, giving them the opportunity to network with one another. All filmmakers that attend will get the opportunity to take part in post-screening Q&A’s, red carpet interviews and after parties. 

Here at Enjoy Manchester, we’ve listed some of the films being shown at MANNIF. Here are 4 of the films that we think you’ll love. 

Wait For Me 

Alison is not your usual girl next door. She was brought into a life of crime after crossing the border from Ireland to England. She is employed by small-time gangster Max, whose obsession with Alison is the only thing keeping her out of jail or from him killing her. 

She learns that life can be lovely if you meet it halfway when she meets Sam, a wounded guy with a tragic background.


Marine veteran Brian Brown-Easley, who is in need of money and is out of alternatives, holds a number of individuals hostage inside a bank, setting up a dramatic encounter with police.

Everything I Ever Wanted To Tell My Daughter About Men 

In the hopes that her daughter won’t make the same mistakes as she did, a woman tells her daughter about every male she has ever dated.

A compilation of 23 short stories that were helmed by 23 women in support of abuse survivors.

Love Without Walls 

Inability to pay their rent in London forces Sophie and Paul (a budding musician) to seek assistance from friends and relatives. The couple loses everything and finds themselves buried in the gritty underbelly of life on the streets over the course of a summer, and things only get worse. 

Despite the disappointment, their positivity and sense of humour help them land odd jobs and a temporary homes. A tale of love, hope, and survival amid the most trying circumstances.

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