Seafood Restaurants in Manchester

If you are looking for the finest seafood dishes around Manchester, Enjoy Manchester has got you covered. With our seafood restaurant guide, you need not worry about leaving the city or going to the nearest coast to feed your craving. Across the city, you can find some of the best seafood restaurants and fish and chip shops in the North West. Discover the best seafood restaurants in Manchester here:

The Oystercatcher

Nestled away in the vibrant and up and coming neighbourhood of Chorlton, Manchester, The Oystercatcher offers a distinctive dining experience with exceptional locally sourced seafood in a welcoming atmosphere. To match its menu, The Oystercatcher encapsulates a coastal retreat with its maritime-inspired decor. The star of the show, the oysters, are presented in their purest form, delivering a taste of the seaside without leaving the Manchester postcode. The Oystercatcher’s main menu delivers seafood and fish in different forms to suit various preferences. From its attentive service, to its commitment to quality, The Oystercatcher in Chorlton is the perfect location for both seafood lovers and curious foodies alike.


Hawksmoor is a culinary masterpiece in the heart of the city in Deansgate. Found in a historic courthouse, the restaurant seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with a touch of old-world charm. Renowned for its commitment not only to the finest cuts of British meat, but its commitment to an exquisite selection of seafood. Choose from natural or Vietnamese infused oysters, lobster or roasted scallops accompanied with a carefully curated wine from the extensive wine list. The Hawksmoor’s ambience matched with impeccable service makes it the perfect location for date night or for celebrations. 

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns promises a feast of flavours which are sure to satisfy your tastebuds. Expect nothing less than vibrant seafood and prawn dishes served in a vast selection of styles from spicy and zesty to creamy and indulgent. Foodies are sure to leave Jimmy’s Killer Prawns impressed by the unique and unforgettable dining adventure they have just experienced. The lively atmosphere, adorned with maritime-inspired decor, adds to the immersive experience. Whether you’re a seafood lover or seeking an exciting culinary escapage different to the usual Friday night dinner, Jimmy’s Killer Prawns in Manchester delivers a seafood-centric menu which captures the essence of bold flavour and international inspiration. 

Street Urchin

If you find yourself around the area of Ancoats in Manchester, Street Urchin is a highly sought after seafood and fish restaurant. Street Urchin’s menu is a restaurant that foodies can dream off with a selection of small to large plates filled with delicious high quality ingredients. The innovative food curated by chefs combined with the superb customer service are sure to host an unforgettable experience, to which you will probably want to return very promptly – if you can get a booking! 

These seafood restaurants in Manchester offer a trip to the coast without taking yourself out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you are a fellow local Mancunian, or a visitor, these restaurants will leave a lasting impression, leaving you wanting more. 

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