The Best Jazz Bars in Manchester

Manchester is a city known for its ever evolving and vibrant music scene and cultural diversity. Amongst the many genres of music which the city offers, jazz is a firm favourite. There is an array of jazz bars in Manchester to satiate the cravings of jazz enthusiasts and music lovers. Whether you are a seasoned jazz aficionado, or a casual listener looking to explore a different genre of music than usual, the jazz bars in Manchester have something for everyone.

Band on the Wall

Band on the Wall, is a hidden gem found in the Northern Quarter. It has a rich history of hosting jazz legends and new emerging talent. The bar has years upon years of history with the jazz and punk industry, having had the likes of the Buzzcocks, the Fall and Joy Division play during their early careers. Band on the Wall has a cosy, intimate atmosphere and a menu of delicious food and drinks to choose from. It is a definite must- visit for music lovers.

Matt & Phreds Jazz Club

Matt & Phreds Jazz Club is one of the most popular jazz bars in Manchester. It is a small but lively club and is a must visit for jazz enthusiasts. Open seven nights a week, you can be sure to catch an impressive show whenever you visit. Sit back and enjoy the dimly candle lit haze and take advantage of the happy hour offers they often have on. 

The Whiskey Jar

Another Northern Quarter favourite is The Whiskey Jar. The Whiskey Jar has the very allure of a speakeasy. It combines jazz with a love for all things whisky. This dimly lit, rustic bar adds to the ambience during local mic nights and live music. 

The Fitzgerald

The Fitzgerald is one of the most atmospheric bars in Manchester. If you’re looking for a touch of vintage glamour, The Fitzgerald is the place to be. This 1920s-themed speakeasy often hosts jazz evenings, transporting you back to the Jazz Age. The music played live every weekend ranges from jazz, swing, electro-swing, blues, soul and modern acoustic. There is something for everyone in this prohibition-esque establishment.

Albert’s Schloss

Known for its bohemian charm, Albert’s Schloss occasionally hosts jazz nights that blend perfectly with their European beer hall aesthetic. It’s a dynamic spot that caters to diverse musical tastes. Albert Schloss is one of Manchester’s busiest spots throughout the week and weekends known for its performances and lively atmosphere. With a weekly programme of events throughout the year and entertainment featuring live music from Alberts Haus band, resident DJ’s and the schloss night creatures. They really do have everything to cater for locals and new visitors to Manchester.

The selection of jazz bars in Manchester provide not only exceptional local and international music, but also a glimpse into the city’s rich musical history. From cosy, intimate settings to grand, historic venues, Manchester’s jazz scene has something for everyone, making it the perfect place to spend your evening. Be sure to check out the event schedules and make the most of what the city has to offer.

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